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The Alien Threat to Humanity : Link Page


Focuses on the pattern and type of devastation created by a wall of water such as a tsunami, the effects on human agriculture and economics.

Climate Change 1.
Introduces the solar cycle and its effect on the climate of our planet. We discuss the methods of measurement of solar radiation, via our satellites. The sun is a giant nuclear fusion reactor with a layered structure. Understanding this provides the basis for considering climate change and how it may be changed by others.

Climate Change 2.

Solar radiation and solar UV output are important variables underlying climate change. Meteor structure and mechanics are considered. Introduces Sunspots and their effect on solar radiation output.

Climate Change 3.

A range of variables affect the biosphere and cause climate change: Solar and UV radiation, long-term solar cycles, anthropogenic dust, wind erosion, discussing climate modelling and its difficulties, albedo – trees, clouds, black carbon; and greenhouse gases. Acidification of the world’s oceans is a very forgotten but important factor in damage to our biosphere, (often forgotten when we focus on words such as climate change rather than biosphere change). See our Tech site for a review of human effects on our planet.

The Alien Threat.
Focuses on the “Greys” and the possible threat that an alien culture with gravity propulsion may pose to planet bound humanity.

Fermi Paradox.
Looks at some of the SETI evidence underpinning our acceptance of the alien presence.