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The Unwritten Threat to Humanity from Aliens


Civil Threat:

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. The general long-term consequences of contact – with the Greys –is that contact rarely appears to be beneficial or pleasant. They seem to act as if humanity exists as a zoo owned by the aliens, which the aliens can visit and on which they can perform procedures and examinations, much as humans would on zoo animals.


Erasmus: Erasmus. There is no balanced relationship with the aliens. The relationship is one of master and subordinate, with administration and direction the prerogative of the superior partner (the aliens). If control is not applied – the subordinate may sense an opportunity to gain advantage. As many TV programs have shown – collaboration broaches conspiracy.

Collaboration with aliens would work best for the Aliens where there is a continued fear or threat directed against humanity. To keep a collaboration regime intact – the less people involved the better. Also, the less people who have any understanding of the scope or quantity of collaboration, the better as well.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. It is reputed that there has been considerable collaboration with the aliens. Supposedly aliens have assisted the United States in developing space projects by passing on their own advanced scientific information, and in exchange they are allowed to continue working unmolested. But if alien spacecraft can manoeuvre and accelerate in such a remarkable fashion – why cannot humanity after more than 4 to 6 decades alleged contact and technological exchange – why cannot humanity fabricate any of this technology?

Alien Threat
Alien Threat

Erasmus: Erasmus. If you are going to cooperate or collaborate – you need to consider the consequences of your actions . For the government, secrecy and collaboration is about hoarding information for possible use in weapons production and perhaps concern about national security. For commerce, secrecy in collaboration is about hoarding information that is potentially patentable and profitable.

I think the ultimate threat that the aliens can present is a threat that a comet or meteor can be redirected from space. At this stage of our development, it is unlikely we can mount much of a meteorite defence. Even rocks of a few metres in diameter can have devastating effects if they impact the surface of our planet. And there is a limitless supply of near misses every day even under routine circumstances.

NASA lists near Earth object misses daily as you can see from the following table. ( . Data are not available prior to 1900 A.D. nor after 2200 A.D. Data are further limited to encounters with reasonably low uncertainty.) That is, the ones we really do know are there and coming our way.

NEO Earth Close Approaches: Example

Object (2022 MS) (2022 MF) (2022 MB1)  
(CA) Date
13:59 ± < 00:01
02:40 ± < 00:01
2022-Jul-02 16:48 ±    01:38  
CA Distance
Nominal (au)
0.02120 0.03782 0.04886  
CA Distance
Minimum (au)
0.02114 0.03776 0.04836  
V relative (km/s) 6.00 12.11 6.27  
V infinity (km/s) 5.97 12.10 6.26  
H (mag) 25.5 24.8 26.6  
Diameter 21 m - 47 m 30 m - 66 m 13 m - 28 m  
Rarity 0 0 0  

Object (2022 JE1) (2022 MY) (2015 OQ21)  
(CA) Date
15:05 ± < 00:01
10:30 ±    00:53
2022-Jul-12 01:44 ±    00:21  
CA Distance
Nominal (au)
0.02198 0.03333 0.04692  
CA Distance
Minimum (au)
0.02197 0.03300 0.046896.57
V relative (km/s) 5.65 7.21 6.56  
V infinity (km/s) 5.63 7.20    
H (mag) 23.4 25.7 27.9  
Diameter 55 m - 120 m 19 m - 43 m 7.0 m - 16 m  
Rarity 1 0 0  

As you can see, the tables above cover a period of only up to a couple of weeks. (Some data omitted). There near misses with asteroids and the earth occurring almost every day.


Kinkajou:Kinkajou. So what can you tell us about these threateners – the Greys?

Erasmus: Erasmus. Physical descriptions of the Greys include: a multi-chambered heart, two distinct brain hemispheres separated by a thin layer of cartilage, an atrophied digestive system and a lack of sense organs and perhaps reproductive organs.

Some comments have been made that the Greys have attempted to create hybrids with human beings, the alleged purpose being to allow these hybrids to work undetected within human civilisation.

"Grey" Alien "Grey" Alien

The implication if this is true is that the Greys have human DNA in substantially the same structure and organisation as normal human chromosomes.

You could infer from this that the Greys have been created as a slave race – essentially a cut down version of a human being and are unable to reproduce itself without technical intervention, such as cloning. New slaves can be easily grown in laboratories to emerge close to full size and programmed for the tasks for which they have been bred.


Goo: Goo the Numbat. If telepathy does exist, it would allow the input of information to reduce training education times.
Kinkajou:Kinkajou. An interesting perspective.

Erasmus: Erasmus. I’m not sure I can believe in telepathy. I can believe in something else akin to telepathy however. The presence of nano-machines injected into the body, and which bypass the blood brain barrier could act as transducers for signals into neurones. You could use a radio transmitter with something like TCP/IP protocol to send signals to individual nano machines, feeding information in effect directly into the neurones of the brain.

Our site on gravity broaches the existence of a world on the other side of the “brane”. This suggests that it may be possible to implant I/o (input/output) receivers in brains. Alternatively the use of much more mundane implants featuring radio waves may allow training by broadcasting – an efficient education technique for a client slave race.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. . Well if I were going to create a slave race, I would certainly try to breed for loyalty. Look at the average dog. There is no other creature on the planet that the average human would allow closer to their face with that many teeth and that capacity for attack. We trust our dogs. If you’re going to create a slave race, you need to create one you can trust implicitly.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. However, breeding for trust and loyalty may be something that is not easily associated with intelligence. Intelligence implies the capacity to understand consequences and to choose consequences. And it may often be that the choices made guided by intelligence, are not “loyal” choices.

Erasmus: Erasmus. If the Greys are “cut down versions of human beings”, it is unlikely that they communicate telepathically. The impression you would have would be that they are fundamentally trying to distort our perception or understanding of them, their hierarchy and the communication capacities.

Again perhaps the process of creating the impression of telepathy is to create an impression of superiority, so that humans will not challenge them.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Some contactees in trance states are given apparently large amounts of information: schematics of propulsion systems, mathematical symbols and unknown alphabets.

Erasmus: Erasmus. If they were that interested in communicating with humanity, why not give their contactees a few “ books” as well. There is never any solid physical evidence given of their presence.
Kinkajou:Kinkajou. . In what is basically a meeting of two apparently completely different life forms – humans and aliens, the Greys take a very cavalier attitude to human health and well-being – but also to their own.

They seem not to have any fear that any biological agents in the earth environment may affect them or cause them problems. Again this suggests reliance upon “similar biology” and perhaps even knowledge that they have been created with a better immune system than those on planet Earth.

Do they face the same bacteria and viruses where they come from as they do here? Perhaps there is a reliance on technology such as implants to monitor health, wellness and immunity. Likely they have better antibiotics as well , and they have access to all our pharmaceuticals- so they are better protected than we are.

Roswell Aliens
Roswell Aliens

Erasmus: Erasmus. If there really was an incident at Roswell, (actually apparently two incidents), what humanity should have undertaken is not autopsies, but an analysis of alien genetic sequences and an assessment of alien DNA through cell culture techniques. Yes the alien is dead. But you can still learn a lot from their DNA and their cells, (even if the host subsequently dies).

Tissue culture is a very standard investigation technique for cell biology. Only an idiot would fail to attempt to create transformed cell lines for long-term study. We do this with human cell lines routinely.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. . There seem to be two “Grey” species. The smaller Greys are often seen in the presence of the taller but similar Greys who seem to be in charge of proceedings. It is generally the taller Greys who appear to direct the human examinations.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. There are many aspects to our relationship with the Greys which we do not understand. Why two species? Does this imply factions amongst the EBEs? Is the explanation of telepathy true? Or is the mention of telepathy merely a ploy to create the impression of superiority – in effect to minimise our chance of non-cooperation with them.

There are obvious advanced technical solutions to creating something akin to telepathy – but this type of technology is far in advance of us at this time. Threatening to impact an asteroid / comet / meteor onto our planet is a definite threat which we with our current level of technology would have difficulty dealing with.

It may be an excellent threat to force cooperation from humanity.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Wherever they come from, EBE’s may well be kind and well-intentioned. However it is obvious that some EBEs are definitely not. ET’s and UFOs may not be significant to mankind in the long-term, but until we find out we should treat them with the greatest caution.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. There is the “Star Trek” explanation for the aliens’ actions in maintaining their distance from us.. The prime directive of the Star Trek Federation states that we should not interfere with the development of alien civilisations.

And we have seen the wisdom of this type of approach many times in our history. Each time a more technologically advanced culture such as the Europeans had contact with a less technologically advanced culture such as South Americans or Africans, the less advanced culture suffered substantially.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. I think often rapaciousness and a sense of careless inconsiderate superiority should more be the focus of blame. Our record in this century has become considerably better in looking after other life forms.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. I think aliens would probably not want to disturb us but would rather just seek to observe us from a safe distance. But if space-faring aliens exist, the universe is likely teeming with life. So why would we even be worthy of study by aliens?

I think it’s because every technological civilization must pass through a very dangerous keyhole, which is the period of time between the invention of nuclear weapons and the ability to travel to the stars. I’m surprised that we haven’t had a global nuclear war in the nearly 80 years since nuclear weapons were developed. Will we make it to other stars before we do?

Perhaps that’s what the aliens are wondering. We’ve entered the keyhole (nuclear weapon development) and we’re taking our first baby steps in the exploration of space, so it should be an interesting to see how humanity progresses – especially how it progresses to the stars.

I’ve read some speculation that perhaps they’re watching us to make sure we DON’T develop interstellar travel. After all, we’re angry monkeys with nuclear weapons. I wouldn’t blame them for not wanting us to visit their home world, considering how we’d likely behave.

CometStrike CometStrike


Goo: Goo the Numbat. All speculation. Why do you think their craft are shaped like saucers or cigars and why do you think they emit light?
Erasmus: Erasmus. Physics! Craft with a saucer or cigar shaped may well distribute gravity fields from a generating engine more evenly than other shapes. The shapes are also more tolerant of forces generated by vacuum, a situation akin to shapes such as cylinders being more tolerant of compression when submerged in oceans to depth.

The emission of light suggests that light is a by-product of drive/propulsion energy. High-intensity magnetism is likely used to generate atomic compression and to create gravity. A side-effect of the inefficiency of this process is likely to be the creation of heat and light as a by-product of the gravity creation process. Hence the spaceships emit heat and light.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. It is interesting that although the aliens try to create an impression of unassailable superiority, they still bound by the same laws of physics that we know well. So, we actually do have one step up on the letter of understanding of the technologies. There are just some frontiers that humanity is yet to transcend.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. And where there is a will, there is a way.