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Technology and Alien Activities: Link Page

Tech and Actions
Technologies reviewed include paralysis, underwater travelling and propulsion, telepathy, their hidden agendas , chromosomal bootstrapping, feelings of warmth and love, voices coming out of stereos, and possession special powers.

Technology discussed covers watches and cars stopping, magnetised spots on cars, transparent spaceships, and propulsion/drive systems.

There is a definite qualitative difference between human and alien science. Many witnessed events can be ascribed to humans rather than the aliens simply due to the feel for the type of technologies used. I.e., more human than alien. Many statements from the aliens about their drive technologies suggest a lack of familiarity with their own technology. Much of the information provided is quite obfuscating rather than revealing.

Our gravity site emphasises humanity's dire need to synthesise gravity and talks about the likely technologies involved. (www.enkgravity.com )

Contactees Abductees 1.
Talking about the human experience with ETs, Alien bases and logistics, Abductees, the breeding of children and hybrids, personality theory as relevant to alien contacts.

Contactees Abductees 2.
Introduces the concept of human genetics and the possibility of alien interference with human evolution. Lethal infectious diseases are discussed, likely not to be of purely human origin. Alien commercial tourism – in seeking Cherimoya (custard apples) and other flora and fauna for commercial exploitation is used as a comparative method to look at the motivations of aliens arriving on planet Earth. We talk about animal mutilations.

Contactees Abductees 3.
Discusses human abductions. If we are capable of having children together, we are the same species by biological definition. “Hybrid” experiments are therefore more akin to the aliens seeing what happens when a black person marries a white one, than true science exploring hybridisation of DNA. We talk about implants and crop circles.