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Aliens: Index and Link Page
Why Are They Here?
What Are They Doing?


Erasmus Erasmus:

Aliens. There are hundreds of independent witnesses as to their existence, yet there is no official acceptance of their presence. The average backyard astronomer has likely sighted their spaceships in low earth orbit. The average citizen may well document a close encounter. Their presence to some people is so ubiquitous, that average people stop even thinking or talking about something so ordinary and mundane.

Facing Life

They appear commonly in many lives.  They have never acted to introduce themselves to us. They move with stealth frequently about our planet, acting with purpose.
The conclusions are inescapable.

They do these things because they need to do these things.

They act this way because they realise that exposing themselves means that they may need to share information and even perhaps technology. 

They may reveal something of themselves.
They are not prepared to reveal anything about themselves to us.

KinkajouKinkajou : The conclusion.

They are not acting as our friends. They act as competitors or rivals.

This site is devoted to discussing aliens and to looking at the science and technology revealing itself through their actions.



Aliens and Evidence
We discuss the different types of aliens, their goals and their ships. We introduce a barrage of witness evidence to their existence.


Human memories are often cross-linked, discounting the evidence of many witnesses, and making the testimony of witnesses unbelievable. Only about 5% of UFO sightings are true unidentified flying objects. The other 95% of sightings fall into a number of specific categories. But when witnesses give testimony that seems impossible in the world we know, but which later becomes very accepted evidence in the world of the future, there is extra credibility to be attached to the "old" witness statements.

There are many methods for falsifying or validating photographs. Witness statements need to be assessed according to a Checklist. The aliens give evangelic messages to their contactees, but the purpose appears more to be to obfuscate alien intentions and activities,not to validate their existence.





Tech and Actions
Technologies reviewed include paralysis, underwater travelling and propulsion, telepathy, their hidden agendas , chromosomal bootstrapping, feelings of warmth and love, voices coming out of stereos, and possession special powers.

Technology discussed covers watches and cars stopping, magnetised spots on cars, transparent spaceships, and propulsion/drive systems.

There is a definite qualitative difference between human and alien science. Many witnessed events can be ascribed to humans rather than the aliens simply due to the feel for the type of technologies used. I.e., more human than alien. Many statements from the aliens about their drive technologies suggest a lack of familiarity with their own technology. Much of the information provided is quite obfuscating rather than revealing.

Our gravity site emphasises humanity's dire need to synthesise gravity and talks about the likely technologies involved. (www.enkgravity.com )

Contactees Abductees 1.
Talking about the human experience with ETs, Alien bases and logistics, Abductees, the breeding of children and hybrids, personality theory as relevant to alien contacts.

Contactees Abductees 2.
Introduces the concept of human genetics and the possibility of alien interference with human evolution. Lethal infectious diseases are discussed, likely not to be of purely human origin. Alien commercial tourism – in seeking Cherimoya (custard apples) and other flora and fauna for commercial exploitation is used as a comparative method to look at the motivations of aliens arriving on planet Earth. We talk about animal mutilations.

Contactees Abductees 3.
Discusses human abductions. If we are capable of having children together, we are the same species by biological definition. “Hybrid” experiments are therefore more akin to the aliens seeing what happens when a black person marries a white one, than true science exploring hybridisation of DNA. We talk about implants and crop circles.




A History of Alien Contacts.
We discuss the evidence for alien contacts in the Bible, in Sumerian texts, and in ancient astrology such as the Zodiac.

Sumerian history.
Introducing the Enuma Elish – the Babylonian Epic of Creation, including the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Sumerian translation.
Look at the text of the Enuma Elish for yourself.

Genesis Epic Atrahasis.
Talks about the difficulties the first man/gods faced in arriving on earth 12,000 years ago.

The Bible gives some very unusual descriptions of events 12,000 years ago. Our staff discuss these using the lens of technology and the understanding gained by time and experience.

Longevity and Plagues 1.
Looks at life expectancies through the ages of humans and of other animals on this planet. Patterns emerge looking at life expectancies as written in Genesis of the Bible. There is something going on.

Longevity and Plagues 2.
Discusses the biotechnology that changes longevity, and the use of Stealth technology in bio – weapons. The re-use of bio-technology suggests their actions are akin to the aliens being serial killers.

Deluge 1.
Looks at the biblical and Sumerian history of the Deluge. The Ark becomes a practical structure if you use sensible alien science.

Deluge 2.
The Book of Enoch and the mechanisms of the deluge are showcased.

Deluge 3.
How did they know the deluge was coming? What was the significance of this?







Focuses on the pattern and type of devastation created by a wall of water such as a tsunami, the effects on human agriculture and economics.

Climate Change 1.
Introduces the solar cycle and its effect on the climate of our planet. We discuss the methods of measurement of solar radiation, via our satellites. The sun is a giant nuclear fusion reactor with a layered structure. Understanding this provides the basis for considering climate change and how it may be changed by others.

Climate Change 2.

Solar radiation and solar UV output are important variables underlying climate change. Meteor structure and mechanics are considered. Introduces Sunspots and their effect on solar radiation output.

Climate Change 3.

A range of variables affect the biosphere and cause climate change: Solar and UV radiation, long-term solar cycles, anthropogenic dust, wind erosion, discussing climate modelling and its difficulties, albedo – trees, clouds, black carbon; and greenhouse gases. Acidification of the world’s oceans is a very forgotten but important factor in damage to our biosphere, (often forgotten when we focus on words such as climate change rather than biosphere change). See our Tech site for a review of human effects on our planet.

The Alien Threat.
Focuses on the “Greys” and the possible threat that an alien culture with gravity propulsion may pose to planet bound humanity.

Fermi Paradox.
Looks at some of the SETI evidence underpinning our acceptance of the alien presence.






Original Sin.

Zodiac Aliens.
Looks at biblical evidence for the possibility of alien contact throughout history and suggests that perhaps the Zodiac is intended to give us a message. Well maybe, anyway.

Alien Home World.
We discuss the evidence as to What are the possible alien home worlds.

Why Here 1.
We discuss a range of reasons as to why the aliens are present here on planet Earth. Remember there are different aliens with different agendas.

Why Here 2.
We discuss a range of reasons as to why the aliens are present here on planet Earth. Remember there are different aliens with different agendas.

Aliens have suggested to us that they are seeking to change the evolution of the human race. We look at the practicality of this statement. Darwinian evolution is wrong, predominantly because it focuses on mono-genic change. Real evolution uses a much faster process with success or failure as the only possible outcome, not a random accumulation of changes distorting a population's genetics.






SETI and Travel.
Looks at eyewitness local accounts of UFO interactions.

Discussion SETI SciFi.
Look the interpretations of some science fiction writers as to extra-terrestrial entities.

SETI Science.

This reviews all the science and technology involved in the SETI program – the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.

Astral Travel.
Astral travelling is a very human science. This looks at the practicality of astral travel. Some authors believe that every person is capable of this.

EBE Incidents.
What do you do if you are involved in an incident? A protocol.


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Life and longevity control for vermin. This page introduces concepts to be broached on our new site.













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Learn the truth about Aliens on this earth.
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