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Aliens in our History : Link Page


A History of Alien Contacts.
We discuss the evidence for alien contacts in the Bible, in Sumerian texts, and in ancient astrology such as the Zodiac.

Sumerian history.
Introducing the Enuma Elish – the Babylonian Epic of Creation, including the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Sumerian translation.
Look at the text of the Enuma Elish for yourself.

Genesis Epic Atrahasis.
Talks about the difficulties the first man/gods faced in arriving on earth 12,000 years ago.

The Bible gives some very unusual descriptions of events 12,000 years ago. Our staff discuss these using the lens of technology and the understanding gained by time and experience.

Longevity and Plagues 1.
Looks at life expectancies through the ages of humans and of other animals on this planet. Patterns emerge looking at life expectancies as written in Genesis of the Bible. There is something going on.

Longevity and Plagues 2.
Discusses the biotechnology that changes longevity, and the use of Stealth technology in bio – weapons. The re-use of bio-technology suggests their actions are akin to the aliens being serial killers.

Deluge 1.
Looks at the biblical and Sumerian history of the Deluge. The Ark becomes a practical structure if you use sensible alien science.

Deluge 2.
The Book of Enoch and the mechanisms of the deluge are showcased.

Deluge 3.
How did they know the deluge was coming? What was the significance of this?