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Evidence Alien Encounters are Real


Kinkajou:Kinkajou. So the best evidence that the alien encounters are real ,is objective evidence. Evidence like photos for example. But even photographs can be fudged. So how do you check the evidence is genuine?

Erasmus: Erasmus. We have to remember that a lot of the alien contacts that we are discussing began to be documented in earnest from the early 1950s. The capacity to fudge a photo in the 50s is substantially less than it is today.

Today the situation is different. However, the fact that modern digital techniques can create dinosaurs that roam the countryside in broad daylight, eating everyone in sight or can create battles in deep space between opposing intergalactic races – is forgotten by many. So, it is obvious that the capacity to fudge evidence has increased exponentially.


Goo: Goo the Numbat. So, to validate the veracity of evidence, it is important to go through a “process” to make sure that the evidence being presented is genuine.
Erasmus: Erasmus. The British UFO research organisation has created some standards. In the investigation of a claim of a contact, all negatives must be submitted along with the original film. (I suppose in the digital age that means maximum detail .jpg, .raw, .png or .gif files need to be handed over).

Pictures should in general contain other objects like trees or houses as a point of reference so an estimate of size and distance can be made. Ideally an independent witness is desirable.

There are techniques for examining photographs.
* Image enhancement:. Images are enlarged and examined in detail. This reveals whether a negative has been tampered with and whether the image is as a result of a film blemish or scratch.
* Colour contouring:. Gradually changing colour density around the edges of an image confirms it is three-dimensional, not for example a flat image cut out and superimposed on landscape.
Of Course, if they are really clever they will use a photograph of a three-dimensional object which of course would contain a zone colour gradient reporting a 3-D source object. A perpendicular edge should fail to show a colour gradient if photographed.
* Heightening contrast : this can reveal background or colour discrepancies.
* Edge detail examination.
* Looking for jagged edges:. The further away an image has been photographed, the more jagged the edge will be when enhanced.
* Light auras:. Do they eliminate properly.
* Shadows and incident light:. Do the angles match the facts as presented in the photograph.
* Photoshop or other paint programs should enhance a picture to the level that individual pixels can be examined. You can see a lot of “relic” detail if the image has been enhanced or processed.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Remember the photos of the end of the day only prove that the witness saw what they said they saw – not their interpretation of what they saw.

Photoshop Photoshop
Erasmus: Erasmus. Wisdom indeed!
Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Some UFO organisations have even gone so far as to suggest a list of questions to ask.

* Record the name, age, sex and occupation of the witness.
* Ask if the witness has experienced a UFO contact before or seen a UFO before. Ask if the witness is interested in UFOs or flying.
* Obtain an impression of the witnesses’ state of mind, coherence and truthfulness. Remember Paill Spectrum gives flattened affect (mood), fuzzy memories and an unreal tinge to statements made by sufferers.

Dr Xxxxx: Dr Xxxxx. I remember once walking into an ice cream store with my daughter. There was a man there (Mr A) who is telling another fellow there (Mr B),about how intelligent Mr B was, how this other fellow’s IQ (Mr B) was over 1000 perhaps even an IQ of a million and how incredible this other fellow (Mr B) was.
When the man talking left (Mr A), the other fellow (Mr B) said to myself and my daughter, that something like this had never happened to him ever and he (Mr B) could not believe what had been said to him, (in an accepting but incredulous way).

Dr Xxxxx: Dr Xxxxx. Then I said “Sorry but I was just waiting for him to leave. I am fairly sure he has escaped from the mental hospital down the road. I will give them a phone call to tell them that this fellow is here and he needs to be picked up for his own safety. It is too easy for people to take advantage of people with mental health issues”.

Dr Axxxx: Dr Axxxx.  Unusual or psychiatric behaviours are a group of Issues that most people have no experience with. However they can still pick that things are not quite right. As they usually say, “if it’s too good to believe – it probably is- too good to believe.”

Erasmus: Erasmus. So if you are taking a witness statement you need to make up your own mind as to whether the witness is reliable – discreetly. Crazy people do exist in our world, but most people are not trained to recognise mental illness, but still can recognise that there is something not quite right about the person.

So, continuing:
* Ask when and where did the UFO or ETFO sighting take place? Try to work out whether the sighting has some of the hallmarks of a true ETFO (extra-terrestrial flying object). What were the objects position and ‘the object’s movement vector above the horizon, when it appeared and disappeared? Was the object stationary? What are the characteristics of its movement?
* How long did the sighting last? Very short sightings of say 15 seconds or less may not be worthwhile or even possible to investigate.
* Ask about the location.? Rural ,? Urban,? Residential,? Commercial,? Industrial,? Military installations,? Airfields adjacent.
* Ask about the weather. If in the daytime, are there any birds or planes in the field of reference. If at night time – what stars are visible?

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. (An interesting phenomenon I have seen is the moon festival in Thailand. In this festival, paper lanterns containing a small candle are launched into the air in their thousands to float off into the distance. The flame of the candle heats the air inside the paper lantern – in effect creating a small hot air balloon. The sight is incredible – but if you are UFO minded, it may be quite disconcerting).

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Identifying a UFO is recognising that something you are seeing is not within your “normal” experience and is not in keeping with the normal events surrounding you. There is something “unique” with what you are witnessing. The next issue is “what is happening here, to give me this unusual/unique event that I am witnessing”?

Witness Witness
Erasmus: Erasmus. More Questions to assess an incident:
* What object or objects can the witness see? Can the witness assess their size? Against what background object did they assess the size of the UFO / ETFO?
* Ask about the object: number, shape, brightness, colour, angle, motion.
* Ask about weather conditions.
* Ask if the witness managed to take any photographs. In this day of mobile phones, it is almost “criminal” not to have taken a photograph or even a video of the event.
* Was there any evidence left behind of the contact?
* Were animals, humans or cars/lights affected?

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. . Some evidence fudges are complicated.
I’m reminded of the Roswell incident. There are apparently two contact incidents at Roswell, New Mexico. There was an incident in 1947 and another incident in 1949. In the second incident, six aliens were recovered, one or more of whom apparently survived. It was reported that the Air Force established communications with one of the creatures at Los Alamos until its death of unknown causes on 18 June 1952.

Contact was also allegedly made with two other extra-terrestrial entities, allegedly living in secret at another base.
Allegedly, the aliens / EBEs reported that they (the alien sapients) originated from planet with a binary star system, 55 light years from Earth. They reported that they had been visiting us for at least 25,000 years.

They reported that there was friction between the small Grey species and the tall Grey species. Apparently however, the two species tolerate each other.

Erasmus: Erasmus. The problem with these sorts of statements is that how could you ever possibly verify this type of statement. There is no cross check available. You can’t just look at the facts in the aliens’ library or in one of the aliens’ newspapers. You cannot ask further questions of other witnesses. If the aliens really do have a conspiracy in progress, they would do exactly what we would do – disseminate information on the need-to-know basis, and disseminate obfuscation to their own and to others on a general basis.

The next problem is how does human officialdom maintain secrecy about such a critical issue as “alien contact” over a long period of time? There would be dozens of people involved to a greater or lesser extent in the maintaining of a secret spy / security cell.
If you are familiar with government and its operation, you would realise that is impossible to maintain secrecy of an issue as unusual as the presence of an alien (EBE- extra biological entity) amidst a large number of people and amidst multiple government organisations. Furthermore, to have multiple government organisations (CIA, FBI, Air Force, Politicians), cooperate in anything, much less cooperate fully to create a major conspiracy, borders on the unbelievable.

The Commandant: The Commandant. The old cover-up stories just don’t wash any more. We come from “Venus” or the moon. We are here to help you. No, it was just a balloon or a wrecked Air Force aircraft.

In 60s, we didn’t have the technology we have now to intercept them or to reveal them. But today especially with satellite surveillance techniques, we are able to pick up the signatures of an alien presence anywhere in the face of our planet. We can observe human / alien activity anywhere on the surface of our planet from a great distance – an undetectable” distance. We can communicate information securely, (encrypted streams). So, the aliens will have considerable difficulty in listening to our communications and to realise that we are watching them.

If we made it too difficult for them to set up bases on earth – maybe they would just go somewhere nearby such as the moon. But us keeping them at a greater distance and making it more difficult for them to operate on planet Earth may not necessarily be a bad thing – for us.

Alien Message
Alien Message: famous message to Aliens from NASA: Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11

Erasmus: Erasmus. Were we to develop gravity drive technology, and I personally believe we are on the cusp of this, we would be able to chase them anywhere within our solar system. The advantage of our numbers and the advantage of local logistics means that they could do nothing here without our express consent.
Goo: Goo the Numbat. They would need to be very careful indeed about the impression they are making upon us. A good reason to prevaricate and not to tell the truth about their motivations and actions.

Erasmus: Erasmus. Looking at things from this perspective, if all the Aliens need is passive grudging cooperation, maybe it is best to obfuscate information muchly, discredit witnesses to the alien presence and aliens’ activities, and interact with humanity as little as possible.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Some people in our world today, do not believe in ET’s.

Erasmus: Erasmus. That is true. And it makes sense to obfuscate the true purpose and actual activities of the aliens by discrediting believers in the alien presence on earth. If humanity agreed that aliens were present here, the next question for all humanity would be: why? What are they doing here? Questions the aliens do not want asked or answered. Questions best avoided.

One famous science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke had an interesting comment about aliens and extra-terrestrials. “My main argument against ET’s is that they have not called on ME, which seems to be a deplorable oversight.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. What do you think about the messages the aliens impart to contactees?

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Looking back on some of the messages imparted by the aliens to human contactees, with a bit of distance gives a definite perspective. I believe that for humanity in general, it has become mandatory to scorn contactees due to the banal evangelical and ecological messages imparted to the contactees by our “space brothers”- for the benefit of humankind.

One group of contactees was told that this group had been chosen to spread the philosophy of the aliens on the earth. But I think the contactees are more likely to create a sense of disbelief in the alien presence and to discredit the idea that aliens are present here. This lets the aliens operate in whatever fashion they wish and lets the aliens do whatever they wish wherever they wish – or as much as it is possible to do.

Erasmus: Erasmus. Interesting! The contactees’ message generally is not believed by anybody. The people spreading the message were generally disbelieved and ridiculed. And the whole concept that there may be other sapients who have interests on our planet i.e., aliens, has become even more generally disbelieved because people try to “spread the philosophy of the aliens on the earth”.

To be believed, evidence is essential and evidence is never provided to those spreading the philosophy.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. If you look at what I do, not what I say – the truth becomes more evident. If as an alien you really do seek to prove to humanity that you exist, you would provide evidence that you exist. Otherwise having random humans claiming the aliens exist without evidence, simply implies that these humans are “not right in the head”.


The Commandant: The Commandant. The effect of promulgating these messages of concern through the contactees is to create censure and disbelief directed against the contactees. The effect of the messages is not to help mankind but to ridicule and censure any witnesses to the activities of aliens upon our world. This guarantees that if there are significant facts that do break through the veil of secrecy they will be disregarded. We are less likely to accept the presence of aliens and to investigate their activities if we can ascribe what has been witnessed to hallucinations, ego gratification or the vivid imagination of contactees.

In short, the true effect of giving contactees the evangelical messages, is actually to obfuscate alien intentions and activities. We don’t believe the messages of the contactees because in general they sound and act like idiots.

Dr Xxxxx: Dr Xxxxx. And the human population is well acquainted with idiots especially Paill Spectrum affected idiots. People with distorted ideas and mentation / cognition are not worth wasting any time or resources on. On planet Earth, such people are common.
Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Another contactee was given a message: humankind has reached a crisis point in its evolution. It is a dangerous point of transition where our activities are becoming a cause of concern to a wide range of extra-terrestrials.

Erasmus: Erasmus. Humanity is a stable population. There is no genetic evolution. Perhaps social evolution only. It is unlikely that the aliens/ EBEs will be capable of assisting our biological evolution or saving us from a crisis in our biological evolution. It is clear there can be no crisis point in our biological evolution since the population biology/DNA is stable.

It could be argued that there is continued social and technological evolution. That our burgeoning technology is becoming of concern to our EBE neighbours. This is reasonable. But it is very obvious that the sapients/EBEs with which we are interacting, are acting to distance themselves from us and are taking no action is to assist us with our problems.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Agreed. Friends act like friends. And if you’re not acting like our friend, “you” have decided that you are not our friend.




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