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The Deluge (Great Flood) 3


Erasmus: Erasmus. I think again the book of Enoch suggests some answers. There are many things to think about in reading these pages. People can hide the truth from “God”, at least for a while. God was very upset about the children of the angels taking the daughters of men as wives. And there seems to be a physical aspect to this in that the children of this union appear to be giants. They appear to be physically distinctive from the average human man or woman.

The second issue is that the outbreak of technology was viewed as being highly undesirable and dangerous. The focus has always been in the extermination of the Watchers and their children and the preservation of mankind.

If the children of angels are able to have children with the daughters of men, the implication is that both are of the same species and are inter-fertile. Genetically the children of the angels in humanity are compatible. They belong to the same species. There are no hybridisation experiments. They are the same race and the same people.

However there do seem to be some specific issues with the progeny of such a union in that they are physically distinctive in some fashion. And the reason behind this distinctiveness may be the reason why the children of the angels had to be exterminated.

The 200 angels and their children knew that their end was approaching and that they would be destroyed. 'Proceed against the bastards and the reprobates, and against the children of fornication: and destroy [the children of fornication and] the children of the Watchers from amongst men.

' Then I went and spoke to them all together, and they were all afraid, and fear and trembling seized them. And they besought me to draw up a petition for them that they might find forgiveness, and to read their petition in the presence 5 of the Lord of heaven. For from thenceforward they could not speak (with Him) nor lift up their eyes to heaven for shame of their sins for which they had been condemned. Then I wrote out their petition, and the prayer in regard to their spirits and their deeds individually and in regard to their 7 requests that they should have forgiveness and length.

Your petition will not be granted unto you throughout all the days of eternity, and that judgment 5 has been finally passed upon you: yea (your petition) will not be granted unto you.

And from henceforth you shall not ascend into heaven unto all eternity, and in bonds of the earth the decree 6 has gone forth to bind you for all the days of the world. And (that) previously you shall have seen the destruction of your beloved sons and ye shall have no pleasure in them, but they shall fall before 7 you by the sword. And your petition on their behalf shall not be granted, nor yet on your own: even though you weep and pray and speak all the words contained in the writing which I have 8 written.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Let’s just identify some of the protagonists. There is God and the archangels as one main group. There are the humans existing on planet Earth as a second group. There are the children of the 200 angels and 200 angels themselves as the third interest group. (The rebels). And I think there is another party as well, which Erasmus will introduce.

My guess is that if the rebelling angels and their children were not exterminated, that a situation would arise that would negate or destroy much of what “God” had planned to achieve. The concern about the outbreak of technology implies that they are afraid of what this reveals about their situation.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. I think the best that you can do in the situation is to have a guess as to what is happening here. There are enough clues to at least enable some reasonable theories to be proposed. Go for it , old Dog.

Erasmus: Erasmus. .
God and the angels did not come here as all powerful and all conquering heroes. They came here as refugees, fearful of being pursued and found out. My guess would be that they purloined a spaceship and left behind their homes. They traveled deliberately to earth with hopes and ambitions of escaping the servitude in which they existed. They were always fearful of being found by those from their old home. (I will call their old masters - the Dominants.)

It will be logical to assume that a technical civilisation holding another species in servitude will take steps to “lock” them into servitude. And I think the best way to do this would be to introduce modified X or Y chromosomes (or both) or to introduce a gene fragment into their servile species DNA that would ensure that” wild” state replication could not occur. Even if an “unlocked” human strand were to be found, the bootstrap chromosome technology (used in the LLIAP intervention agent), would guarantee that ALL offspring would carry the markers.

One challenge to escape servitude would therefore be to remove the chromosomal lock. This purpose can be summed up as “creating Adam and Eve”. Once you have worked out a technique to block the bootstrapping sequence, you can create “normal” children. So once you have developed the “Adam”, the next step is to validate that a “ normal” female can be created as well.

Adam as a Baby Adam as a Baby:
We tend to forget that Adam was born and was once a baby.

Option one is to wait 20 or so years for Adam to grow up and to obtain sperm samples to fertilise wild strain females available on the planet.

Option two is to obtain pluri- potential stem cells from a marrow biopsy (such as from a rib) and to clone a female partner for Adam. This could probably be easily undertaken from the time baby Adam reaches 12 months plus of age, with the use of surgery and anaesthesia: putting the ADAM to sleep and removing his rib/ marrow. If you are serious about getting an answer, you can have your answer in 1 to 2 years, instead of waiting up to 20 years. The question: “Have your biological techniques for removing the DNA chromosomal locks worked?”

The birth of the children of the angels likely preceded the discovery of the genetic unlocking process and would carry the chromosomal lock that held the angels/archangels in servitude. The chromosomal bootstrapping technology would guarantee that if they were to continue to have children, all children on the planet would carry the markers. The time to make the change in the chromosomal lock is at the start of an enterprise.

I would guess that this chromosomal marker limits reproduction, creates some control options for extermination of outbreak populations, and perhaps as a trade-off carries some control sequences” that may extend life.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. There is a mention in the Bible of creating life from “ slime” and in the Epic of Gilgamesh from creating life from the earth. To me these one-liners suggest “laboratory” and the use of chemicals (Earth or slime).

Since the early children of Adam all had extended life, it would appear that longevity does not substantially reside within the chromosomal lock. However the presence of the chromosomal lock changes human growth patterns. Perhaps, this is the basis of the “giants”.

Perhaps just long life means slow development and longer growth. Women start their pubertal growth spurt earlier than boys. But boys freeze their epiphyseal plates and grow longer : in the long term therefore attaining greater height.

And in many other books from early Mesopotamia there are reports of the birth of monsters and abnormal or mutated children. There are many African myths and legends as to the existence of giants as well in the distant past.

Erasmus: Erasmus. In such a situation it becomes imperative to exterminate any carriers of the chromosomal locks to ensure that the raw human population is not contaminated with this marker. Achieving a wild strain human population with no chromosomal locks and with some of the “advanced” DNA from the angels/archangels would be a major coup for humans – to escape a lifetime of servitude to another race – the Dominants.

The outbreak of technology could not be interpreted in any way but a breaching of the rules which bound the angels/archangels into servitude. It needed to be hidden almost at all costs. If it were not hidden, the risk is that the entire human population on the planet could be obliterated.

The Dominants to stay dominant would have to be committed to controlling population outbreaks of humans anywhere and permanently.

One could almost wonder whether God and the angels of old were playing a double game. Offering up their children carrying the chromosomal lock markers for extermination while hiding the unaffected human children from view. The achievement here would be in essence that the alien Dominants would do the dirty work of extermination for guide and the archangels, assisting the achievement of their purpose and not compromising it.

The Leviathan and Behemoth (as mentioned in the book of Enoch) , suggest asteroid impacts were the mechanism to be used for the extermination. God and the Archangels knew they were coming. It appears likely due to the approximate appearance of Paill Spectrum “after” the deluge that perhaps the impacts were not initiated by the Dominants, but by God and the Archangels themselves.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. It appears unlikely to me that God and the Archangels maintained a space observatory to watch for Near Earth Asteroids likely to impact earth. If they knew these rocks were coming far enough in advance to allow the construction of a large wooden Ark by unskilled shipbuilding carpenters with primitive tools, the likelihood must be that they knew about the approaching meteoric masses, because they launched them themselves.

If they were watching for NEO objects, all they need to do would be to deflect them with gravity from their gravity drive spaceship.

The rocks would not need to be terribly large to cause a significant impact. They are incredibly powerful low tech weapons.

The largest meteor impacting the earth of which we know was the Tunguska Meteor. The researchers estimated that the Tunguska meteor likely measured between 328 and 656 feet (100 and 200 m) in diameter, and hurtled through Earth's atmosphere at roughly 45,000 mph (72,000 km/h).

The Tunguska explosion on June 30, 1908, was the largest asteroid impact in recorded history. It flattened 830 square miles (2,150 sq. km) of Siberian forest.

Tunguska meteor event Tunguska meteor event:
No impact crater exists. We believe this to be due to the impact being an airburst type explosion, with the meteor disintegrating just before impact.

Erasmus: Erasmus. If I were in the position of God and the Archangels in this scenario, it is imperative not to give away your presence to the Dominants.

It is imperative to ensure the survival of the unlocked human population.

It is imperative to hide as much as possible of what has been happening here.

It is imperative to ensure that the children of the angels and the Rebel Angels themselves carrying the chromosomal lock must be exterminated.

There can be no reconciliation. There can be no concessions. Too much is at stake.

This seems to be borne out by the attitude of God and the Archangels to the survivors of the Deluge. They seem to believe that they have survived a critical point. Total extermination will not occur.

And it will be possible for their plans to continue. Humanity is saved and will inherit the earth.

My impression of the “original sin” is that it is the theft of “advanced genetics”. Specifically slow histamine genes, fast noradrenaline genes, fast serotonin genes, and low sensitivity opioid genes are the key genes of personality which have enabled civilisation.

I think there is another aspect as well. Human beings bear all the markers of servility. Humans are made to serve and made to cooperate and made to work with others, much in the same fashion as dogs have been engineered to serve humans. Visit our personality site to read about the action of the power genes of personality. Enkcharms.com and Ennegenes.com

Unfortunately for the Dominants, this cooperative attitude- humans being willing to work together, guarantees the rapid growth of a civilisation. Humans like to help each other and to please each other. And this may not be a feature of many other intelligent species.
The scenario the Dominants seek to avoid is the emergence of a superior competitor. This is what God and the Angels truly fear.


Kinkajou:Kinkajou. The next question to emerge is what is civilisation?
Erasmus: Erasmus.
My opinion of civilisation is that it is three steps forward two steps back game.

I believe that the “original” human stock on planet Earth would be incapable of founding a civilisation or only capable of founding one in a timeframe of 30,000 to 50,000 years.

It is the genes of power – deciding genes – acting genes – thinking genes that create a situation where civilisation can take root and flourish.

he first civilisations on planet Earth arose in the Mesopotamian region of the Middle East – notably the civilisation of Sumeria. The key genes here are the fast noradrenaline genes that say “do it now”. These genes don’t do it perfectly and don’t do it the best. They don’t think about what they’re doing too much. The key driver is “do it now”, and that is the drive that builds a civilisation. Sometimes fools just rush in and get the job done.

Certain factors are essential for the development of a civilisation.

Ancient Civilisations
Ancient Civilisations
At around 12,000 years old, Göbekli Tepe in south-east Turkey has been billed as the world’s oldest temple. It is many millennia older than Stonehenge or Egypt’s great pyramids, built in the pre-pottery Neolithic period before writing or the wheel.



Cities were truly urban centres of economic production and commerce. Artisans occupied many of the mud brick houses that line the narrow alleys and crooked thoroughfares. A city crowded with organic growth devoid of plan.

And among it all – stonemasons, seal cutters, brick makers, potters, weavers of textiles, metalworkers, leather or tannery workers, basket makers, carpenters, scribes and temple workers, merchants and dealers, temples and administration for religion and for government, political government, elected and appointed officials, institutions overtaking family and the clan organisations, crafts. And year by year also did they grow the quantities of grain and sesame and vegetables and dates and cattle and fish and wool as did grow the number of citizens bringing their produce to the temples or to the king.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. But the key technology is in the minds of the human people.
Erasmus: Erasmus. Indeed. The key technology are brains that say “do it now”. The brains of the enneagram “Sevens” responsible for the organic chaotic growth of Sumerian towns. Crooked narrow streets with low ziggurats (unlike the Egyptian Pyramids), displaying an attitude of : “Sometimes fools rush in and just get the job done”.

There is not a need for the all-encompassing planning of the enneagram “one” , likely to be the main population type within the Indus Valley creating rigid community with rigid controls and a civilisation that never quite achieved even a late success before it failed.

I’ve personally believe that the wild strain humans were enneagram “social nines”. Being “social” guarantees that humans cluster in small groups and function as social or group animals – not individuals or loners.

The “nine” gene is the fast histamine gene. It guarantees a rapid appreciation of the world around you an assessment of risks. But it does not drive you to make changes. There is no drive to “do it now” or to” do it the best”. The drive is simply to exist. Only things that are extreme, intrusive and annoying ever get confronted by overt action. And that is not a way to build a civilisation.

Consequently if there were an original sin with which we are all born, to me it would be the introduction of advanced personality genetics which completely changed the nature of the human animal – creating an animal able to build a civilisation. See our site at enkcharms.com and ennegenes.com to look at our discussion on the importance of personality genetics in human history and in the development of civilisation. If you consider from this aspect, you can see how easy it is to say that we are all born with original sin (apart from social nines amongst us).

There is a probability that there are other gene variants as well which promote servility and cooperative work – all important characteristics for a slave race of the Dominants – but important characteristics as well for the cooperative development of a civilisation.

Changing the personality genes changed human drive and innovation. The situation is akin to the experiments in Sci-Fi that created the Jophur( an aggressive expansionist alien race) from the Traeki ( a peaceful cooperative precursor species). An achievement made by the introduction of new “ toruses” to these creatures which completely changed their personality and drive. As described in David Brin’s novel : “commanding toruses”.




Erasmus: Erasmus. [Chapter 68]
And after that my grandfather Enoch gave me the teaching of all the secrets in the book in the Parables which had been given to him, and he put them together for me in the words of the book 2 of the Parables. And on that day Michael answered Raphael and said: ' The power of the spirit transports and makes me to tremble because of the severity of the judgment of the secrets, the judgment of the angels: who can endure the severe judgment which has been executed, and before 3 which they melt away ? ' And Michael answered again, and said to Raphael: ' Who is he whose heart is not softened concerning it, and whose reins are not troubled by this word of judgment 

(that) has gone forth upon them because of those who have thus led them out ? ' And it came to pass when he stood before the Lord of Spirits, Michael said thus to Raphael: ' I will not take their part under the eye of the Lord; for the Lord of Spirits has been angry with them because they do 5 as if they were the Lord. Therefore all that is hidden shall come upon them for ever and ever; for neither angel nor man shall have his portion (in it), but alone they have received their judgment for ever and ever.

[Chapter 69]
And after this judgment they shall terrify and make them to tremble because they have shown this to those who dwell on the earth. And behold the names of those angels [and these are their names: the first of them is Samjaza, the second Artaqifa, and the third Armen, the fourth Kokabel, the fifth Turael, the sixth Rumjal, the seventh Danjal, the eighth Neqael, the ninth Baraqel, the tenth Azazel, the eleventh Armaros, the twelfth Batarjal, the thirteenth Busasejal, the fourteenth Hananel, the fifteenth Turel, and the sixteenth Simapesiel, the seventeenth Jetrel, the eighteenth Tumael, the nineteenth Turel, 3 the twentieth Rumael, the twenty-first Azazel. And these are the chiefs of their angels and their names, and their chief ones over hundreds and over fifties and over tens]. 

4 The name of the first Jeqon: that is, the one who led astray [all] the sons of God, and brought them down to the earth, and led them astray through the daughters of men. And the second was named Asbeel: he imparted to the holy sons of God evil counsel, and led them astray so that they defiled 6 their bodies with the daughters of men. And the third was named Gadreel: he it is who showed the children of men all the blows of death, and he led astray Eve, and showed [the weapons of death to the sons of men] the shield and the coat of mail, and the sword for battle, and all the weapons 7 of death to the children of men. And from his hand they have proceeded against those who dwell 

on the earth from that day and for evermore. And the fourth was named Penemue: he taught the 9 children of men the bitter and the sweet, and he taught them all the secrets of their wisdom. And he instructed mankind in writing with ink and paper, and thereby many sinned from eternity to 10 eternity and until this day. For men were not created for such a purpose, to give confirmation 11 to their good faith with pen and ink. For men were created exactly like the angels, to the intent that they should continue pure and righteous, and death, which destroys everything, could not have taken hold of them, but through this their knowledge they are perishing, and through this power 

12 it is consuming me. And the fifth was named Kasdeja: this is he who showed the children of men all the wicked smitings of spirits and demons, and the smitings of the embryo in the womb, that it may pass away, and [the smitings of the soul] the bites of the serpent, and the smitings 13 which befall through the noontide heat, the son of the serpent named Taba'et. And this is the task of Kasbeel, the chief of the oath which he showed to the holy ones when he dwelt high 

14 above in glory, and its name is Biqa. This (angel) requested Michael to show him the hidden name, that he might enunciate it in the oath, so that those might quake before that name and oath who revealed all that was in secret to the children of men. And this is the power of this oath, for it is powerful and strong, and he placed this oath Akae in the hand of Michael.

16 And these are the secrets of this oath . . .
And they are strong through his oath:
And the heaven was suspended before the world was created,
And for ever

17 And through it the earth was founded upon the water,
And from the secret recesses of the mountains come beautiful waters,
From the creation of the world and unto eternity.

18 And through that oath the sea was created,
And as its foundation He set for it the sand against the time of (its) anger,
And it dare not pass beyond it from the creation of the world unto eternity.

19 And through that oath are the depths made fast,
And abide and stir not from their place from eternity to eternity.

20 And through that oath the sun and moon complete their course,
And deviate not from their ordinance from eternity to eternity.

21 And through that oath the stars complete their course,
And He calls them by their names,
And they answer Him from eternity to eternity.

22 [And in like manner the spirits of the water, and of the winds, and of all zephyrs, and (their) paths 23 from all the quarters of the winds. And there are preserved the voices of the thunder and the light of the lightnings: and there are preserved the chambers of the hail and the chambers of the 24 hoarfrost, and the chambers of the mist, and the chambers of the rain and the dew. And all these believe and give thanks before the Lord of Spirits, and glorify (Him) with all their power, and their food is in every act of thanksgiving: they thank and glorify and extol the name of the Lord of Spirits for ever and ever.]

25 And this oath is mighty over them
And through it [they are preserved and] their paths are preserved,
And their course is not destroyed.

26 And there was great joy amongst them,
And they blessed and glorified and extolled
Because the name of that Son of Man had been revealed unto them.

27 And he sat on the throne of his glory,
And the sum of judgment was given unto the Son of Man,
And he caused the sinners to pass away and be destroyed from off the face of the earth,
And those who have led the world astray.

28 With chains shall they be bound,
And in their assemblage-place of destruction shall they be imprisoned,
And all their works vanish from the face of the earth.

29 And from henceforth there shall be nothing corruptible;
For that Son of Man has appeared,
And has seated himself on the throne of his glory,
And all evil shall pass away before his face,
And the word of that Son of Man shall go forth

And be strong before the Lord of Spirits.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. . And there is more to be learned from the book of Enoch as well.

[Chapter 78]
1, 2 And the names of the sun are the following: the first Orjares, and the second Tomas.

And the moon has four names: the first name is Asonja, the second Ebla, the third Benase, and the fourth 3 Erae. These are the two great luminaries: their circumference is like the circumference of the heaven, and the size of the circumference of both is alike. In the circumference of the sun there are seven portions of light which are added to it more than to the moon, and in definite measures it is s transferred till the seventh portion of the sun is exhausted. And they set and enter the portals of the west, and make their revolution by the north, and come forth through the eastern portals 6 on the face of the heaven.

And when the moon rises one-fourteenth part appears in the heaven: 7 [the light becomes full in her]: on the fourteenth day she accomplishes her light. And fifteen parts of light are transferred to her till the fifteenth day (when) her light is accomplished, according to the sign of the year, and she becomes fifteen parts, and the moon grows by (the addition of) fourteenth 8 parts. And in her waning (the moon) decreases on the first day to fourteen parts of her light, on the second to thirteen parts of light, on the third to twelve, on the fourth to eleven, on the fifth to ten, on the sixth to nine, on the seventh to eight, on the eighth to seven, on the ninth to six, on the tenth to five, on the eleventh to four, on the twelfth to three, on the thirteenth to two, on the 9 fourteenth to the half of a seventh, and all her remaining light disappears wholly on the fifteenth.

And 10 in certain months the month has twenty-nine days and once twenty-eight. And Uriel showed me another law: when light is transferred to the moon, and on which side it is transferred to her by the sun. During all the period during which the moon is growing in her light, she is transferring it to herself when opposite to the sun during fourteen days [her light is accomplished in the heaven, 12 and when she is illumined throughout, her light is accomplished full in the heaven


Kinkajou:Kinkajou. . This excerpt seems to identify a dual sun solar system (that is two suns each orbiting the other), and the presence of a solar system with four moons.

It is only a single passage but it suggests a prior reality to that of the solar system in which earth orbits its sun.




The Great Flood: A practical description of the mechanism of the flooding:

Deluge Flooding pattern

Deluge Flooding Pattern: Note there is a lot of very high ground flooded.
Note there are lakes now that never existed before - that can be travelled over- much like an inland sea. Extraordinary rainfall overcomes natural drainage capacity especially if narrow river valleys are involved - creating flooding.
The situation is akin to the Great Lakes geography in the USA.
Great Lakes Geography Great Lakes Geography