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Link Page : Evidence of Aliens


Aliens and Evidence
We discuss the different types of aliens, their goals and their ships. We introduce a barrage of witness evidence to their existence.


Human memories are often cross-linked, discounting the evidence of many witnesses, and making the testimony of witnesses unbelievable. Only about 5% of UFO sightings are true unidentified flying objects. The other 95% of sightings fall into a number of specific categories. But when witnesses give testimony that seems impossible in the world we know, but which later becomes very accepted evidence in the world of the future, there is extra credibility to be attached to the "old" witness statements.

There are many methods for falsifying or validating photographs. Witness statements need to be assessed according to a Checklist. The aliens give evangelic messages to their contactees, but the purpose appears more to be to obfuscate alien intentions and activities,not to validate their existence.