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Alien Technology 2

Erasmus: Erasmus. Watches and Cars Stopping , Magnetised Spots On Cars.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. What this observation suggests is the presence of high intensity fluctuating magnetic fields. As we have previously suggested this can also have effects on consciousness.

In particular the electrical systems of internal combustion engine cars are particularly vulnerable. Diesel engines are triggered by the compression of the fuel entering the piston chamber. So once a diesel engine is running, depending on the engine design, they are largely immune to the actions of ETFO magnetics.

It would suggest that if we’re going to take UFOs or ETFOs head on, we should be RF shielding attack aircraft such as fighters.

Erasmus: Erasmus. . Currently is very difficult to shield from magnetism. There are two basic mechanisms of shielding possible. One involves using very thick slabs of metal. Far simpler to use an internally generated magnetic field to repel other magnetic flux lines (photons).
The Commandant: The Commandant. And if human aircraft are abducted, by “ gravity tractor beams”, it would be fairly easy to launch a high explosive rocket towards the abductor craft if the aircraft were fitted to do so. The aliens’ control of gravity would in effect be used against them. It would help to accelerate the explosive rocket warhead into their craft.

I have often wondered whether launching a missile in front of a speeding UFO / ETFO would cause the vehicle to stop or slow down suddenly. Gravity tech would work against the aliens then as it would impel objects/ bodies forward inside the craft, creating a collision as the craft slowed quickly.

Erasmus: Erasmus. If we are seeking to shield ourselves from UFOs/ETFOs, there are several different types of RF shielding required.

We talked about shielding magnetic flux.
We also need to shield against induction currents. Human interferential machines work on a carrier wave frequency of approximately 1000 Hz to 5000 Hz with a superimposed amplitude variation of approximately 60 to 100 Hz for biological effects. These frequencies are relatively easily shielded with something as simple as aluminium alfoil.

Magnetic Shielding
Magnetic Shielding

Goo: Goo the Numbat. But is a pilot encased in a transparent (perhaps Perspex) cockpit, protected against such fields. An unconscious human is unlikely to be able to take any action to save themselves from abduction.
Kinkajou:Kinkajou. . I understand. So here is a message to those intrepid contactees, if you want to have a reasonable chance of escaping from the aliens you are seeking to contact (when things look like they are going sour), wrap some aluminium foil around your head and limbs. Then the aliens electromagnetic induction current flux effects at the biological tissue level (as opposed to the machinery level), can be prevented.

Adding metal to the perspex mix of the cockpit may well be easily enough done, preserving transparency in visual frequencies (important if you want to see where you are going), and creating impenetrability (shielding) for RF photons.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. I can see different sorts of shielding would be required for people versus machines.

Erasmus: Erasmus. Transparent Spaceships.
Kinkajou:Kinkajou. . There is a lot of talk these days on the possible development of stealth technology. If light receptors on the one side of an object pass the “pixels” to the other side of the object and display them, it can appear as if the object is not there. It is probably a technology into which we are not at this point likely to invest much energy. While you can easily hide the visual signature, it would be much more difficult to hide a full spectrum signature including radar signals. So, the technology is probably not that useful to human beings even as a weapon.

Perhaps you can’t see it.
But radar can still detect fairly well.

And you would need an object such as a ship sized object to generate such a field. ( You would need power inside to create a picture in effect on the outside of the ship). You would also need to radiate such a picture over an extended field. A visual picture can be easily created with straight ahead beams of light. But the trick is to enable a wide viewing angle – say 180°.

Transparent Spaceships Transparent Spaceships

The problem is much the same as for LED computer screens, which are best seen directly, but which often have reduced visibility in contrast at the extremes of the field of view.

Erasmus: Erasmus. While the aliens may have stealth technology, there is no reason to think that stealth applications owe their existence to alien technology. For example radar absorbent coatings, angular features – are not basic UFO/ ETFO attributes. They are developments of human science applied to human machines.

Similarly, if you’re talking about the ET activities throughout history, as soon as you talk about rockets, rocket combustion or aerofoil surfaces providing lift (such as planes) or see flames – you are talking about very human 20th-century technologies. These things are not the product of an advanced interstellar civilisation.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. And gravity drive would not require aerofoil surfaces to provide lift. If you simply change the axis of the gravity effect, you would change the direction of flight.
Erasmus: Erasmus. There has also been a report of being able to see through a spaceship wall to the outside world. One contactee was given this explanation. “Most matter is opaque to light because photons are captured and absorbed in the electron orbits of the atoms through which they pass. Create a field matrix between the atoms which tends to stop the photons being absorbed and raised the photons far above the highest absorption energy of the electron shells of the atom, and the photons will pass through the metal – and then interact with the viewing person – producing a frequency distribution of light which is compatible identifiable with the original incident light.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. This seems to be a ring of authenticity that the statement. Having said that, if true, the technology above suggests that the spaceship walls are dangerous high-energy places.


Erasmus: Erasmus. Yes. The impression I get is yes you can do it. But why would you do something that dangerous when there are much safer ways of generating the same ability to view the outside world from within the interior of a spaceship?

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. It almost seems like the aliens are deliberately trying to create “shock and awe”.

Erasmus: Erasmus. . Agreed.
Having said that we do use the same principle for light ourselves. We call it phosphorescence. Certainly it does feature in some alien contactees experiences. One contactee reported a dull phosphorescent light pervaded the cabin throughout – although no light was seen.

Yes but the principle of phosphorescent (or fluorescent) light, is that energy is run through a structure which glows as the energy passes through.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Running energy throughout the entire room around you, for the purpose of creating light, seems drastic. Imagine what it would feel like to be living inside the fluorescent light. As I have said before, there must be safer ways of creating light. And the light would always be in your face- though no shadows .

Erasmus: Erasmus. Maybe the energy is just there anyway. The distribution of the energy of the propulsion system from the craft. An effect of gravity on photons which may adhere to the surfaces of the vessel thereby creating the ability to use alternate forms of light generation, while at the same time minimising a dangerous build-up of “ rel-Energy”.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Then the analogy is closer to living inside a nuclear reactor than living inside a fluorescent light. I’m not sure being exposed continuously to large quantities of magnetic radiation is probably good for your DNA. And there may be heating affects from that amount of energy flowing around.

Erasmus: Erasmus. Bob Lazar (a famous contactee) gives another explanation for transparency. “You can be looking straight up at it and if the gravity generated is in the proper configuration, you’ll see the sky above it. You will not see the craft there. It depends on the gravitational field bending space. “

Considering his explanation- I think it’s a good analogy - that you’re always looking at a Mirage. It’s the reason that the craft often appear to be making 90° turns at incredible speeds. It’s the space-time distortion you’re seeing. You’re not seeing the actual event happening.

Maybe there is some truth in this description. But, we are fighting with words. At the end of the day I think gravity can be used as a drive or propulsive force. It has some unusual aspects. But its action does not make us leave this space or time. Yes gravity does distort space and time. And yes we can get distorted (unknowingly) with it.

Bending light with gravity is indeed possible. But I would imagine the field intensity required to drastically alter the path of a high-speed particle like a photon , would be very high indeed.

There are some unusual understandings of the quantum world when you consider particles moving through it and interacting across distances. Yes they are there – but no they are not. And we may be seeing in the explanations Bob Lazar is giving , some aspect of this type of interpretation. But I believe that some of the quantum effects with which human science is familiar may not be applicable to macro objects such as “spaceships”.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. In short, the science is applicable to the Nanoscopic but not to the macroscopic.


Erasmus: Erasmus. Propulsion.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. In many of our contacts, human beings always ask the aliens how the aircraft are propelled. The answers we receive, often make no sense. The impression is that that the aliens are deliberately misrepresenting or obfuscating their technology, attempting not to tell us too much deliberately.

Propulsion Propulsion

Erasmus: Erasmus. There is another aspect to this though. Imagine asking the average person walking down the street to explain how a LASER works. I think most people would struggle to explain this in any meaningful way. I think the same is probably true of gravity propulsion technology which is what appears to be used by the aliens in their ETFOs. Someone who is very familiar with the entire concept could probably explain it simply to someone with a smattering of understanding of the right concepts.

But if you don’t really understand it terribly well yourself in the first place, and are trying to communicate to someone who has very little or no basic understanding of the underlying concepts, you are going to get some real communication mish mosh.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. But I still think there is some definite evidence that there is a definite trend to deceive.



Kinkajou:Kinkajou. The aliens tell us they use antimatter to power their drives.

Erasmus: Erasmus. As a method of fueling a spaceship drive, antimatter can create a lot of energy. It also creates a lot of dangerous radiation, is difficult to control and could be explosively dangerous and unstable.



Goo: Goo the Numbat. The EBEs (aliens ) also mention that they need to use rare and unstable elements at the high end of the periodic table.

Erasmus: Erasmus. The use of rare and unstable elements in the propulsion engines is counterintuitive. If the element is only stable for short periods of time, measured in minutes, how can it be used to drive a spaceship from one star to another over a number of years. Telling the story though is a good way to misdirect humanity. I believe the aliens really do not want humanity developing gravity propulsion and exploding into the galaxy. The situation is akin to a new and dangerous competitor setting up shop in your own backyard. Not something to be desired.




Kinkajou:Kinkajou. There is an interesting report of one contactee touching a flying saucer. He stepped forward and cautiously extended his index finger until it touched the metal surface. It had a quality of smoothness. It was simply impossible to produce any friction between the fingertip and the metal. No matter how firmly he pressed his finger on the metal, it drifted round on the surface as though there are a million tiny ball bearings between his finger and the metal.

A humanoid alien appeared nearby and told him “Better not touch that pal. It’s still hot”. “Sorry buddy, you’re in the process of hurting yourself. It’s not radioactive.” “The hull has a field about it that repels all other matter. Your physicists would describe the force involved as the “anti-“ particle of the binding energy of the atom.

He went on to describe that when certain elements such as platinum are properly prepared and treated with a saturation exposure of very high-energy photons, the anti-binding energy particles will be generated outside the nucleus. These particles repel each other as well as other matter – and tend to migrate to the surface of the metal and manifest as a repellent force.

The particles have a long half-life, so normal radiation received in space is sufficient to maintain an effective charge. The field is powerful at molecular distances. But like the binding energy – follows seventh power law, so force becomes negligible a few microns from the surface of the keel. The field – protects the keel, and lowers any friction especially at high speed. It also produces an almost perfect laminar flow of air or gas. Little heat is generated or transmitted to the hull.

The contactee asked “how would this kill me?”.
The reply was : “You would die in a few months from antibodies developing in the blood and causing progressive liver congestion, enlargement and damage”.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Well that’s a real mouthful of description.

Erasmus: Erasmus. . I think it is fantastic enough to perhaps have the ring of truth. Certainly in considering the true nature of gravity, there may well be such a thing as a “dark photon” or a “Rel”. See our site at enkgravity.com

The only information I really have a conflict with here is the statement of the binding energy following a seventh power law. I would believe more likely that it follows an exponential inverse square type- force model.
Seventh Power means what ??
This doesn’t make sense the point of view of the science we know the nature of three-dimensional space.

I reserve judgement on this one. It does tell us though that the spaceships appear to be plated with platinum.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. What is striking about this contact is the explanation of the technology of the flying saucer and its’ propulsion. The description is inherently more advanced and theoretically pristine than anything available or studied the 1940s and 50s. This kind of hypothetical physics and engineering was starting to be more talked about in the late 80s. So it is a revelation ahead of its time.

Erasmus: Erasmus. I think it is important when information does not fit our model of the world. However as we become more knowledgeable over time and information does begin to fit our model of the world, it does imply an element of truth. Hoaxers inherently do not begin with stories that seem impossible or untruthful. So, our change in knowledge and understanding over decades, does give this description the “Patina” of Truth.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Just a “patina” at this time. That’s all.


Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Other contactees have related finding metal fragments or small spheres which are very very light. When they tried to cut these fragments, they found they could not mark the fragments or spheres with hand tools, saws, drills, hammers or chisels. They even attempted to heated with an oxyacetylene torch and found they could put their hand on it the moment the torch was removed. One of the contactees did this several times.

Another contactee reported that a metal foil like material was found that was so durable that it could not be dented with a 16 kg sledgehammer.

Erasmus: Erasmus. I think in this day and age we know a great deal about metal alloys. The constituents of metals all exist in the periodic table and we have identified all of them. So finding a super hard metal is essentially impossible because there is nothing new or magic out there that we do not already know about.

However, the previous explanation about surface energy or surface particles being embedded on the surface of the metals could well explain the unusual properties of the metals.

If the explanation given to our first contactee was true, then you would expect the energy would “wear off” or that people playing with the metal fragments or metal spheres could well be burnt or injured in their activities, (though the burn would be delayed depending on the radiated photon frequency).

Goo: Goo the Numbat. So to that extent, we now have a couple of stories suggesting an explanation for the unusual properties of metals.

I think once we conquer gravity, many of the techniques of manipulating gravity will lend themselves to changing and manipulating the property of matter.

Erasmus: Erasmus. Imagine of such a thing were possible though. You could build up the inside lining of a fusion reactor – its containment vessel, with this “ new” form of energy. The material would help to contain the high-energy particles created or used in the fusion reaction and would substantially reduce the “wear” of the containment vessel.

There is another aspect to this that then becomes even more intriguing. When the aliens leave physical traces on the earth of their presence, investigation usually discovers the materials to be conventional metallic substances, but in unusual combinations. But perhaps some of the unusual character of the metals and alloys may be “temporary” – in effect evaporating by the time more intensive investigation begins.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. A policeman reported an abduction in Nebraska in 1967. After he was captured (having been subjected to a green gas), he was taken inside the ship. One of the aliens communicated to the policeman that they were taking electricity from a nearby power line. The craft was apparently propelled by reversible electromagnetic energy creating inertia less – gravity free flight. The craft was supposedly made from pure magnesium. The aliens told him they came from the nearby galaxy, but had bases in our solar system including on earth.

The policeman felt that these statements as to their origins were not credible.

Magnesium Fire in a Car
Magnesium Fire in a Car

Erasmus: Erasmus. I would say that there is a lot of bullshit here as well.

Electromagnetic flux is far more flexible and controllable than using a sedative gas to capture victims. Gas is at the mercy the slightest breeze and will often not go where you wish it to. EM flux will zap whatever you point it at - instantly. Electromagnetic flux is likely the basis of the propulsion science of the ETFOs and is likely to be directionally controllable. So every ETFO would have this “weapon” available to use. But, green gas?

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Well then you can see where it is going. I think the situation as much a kin to using poison gas in trench warfare and the First World War. You need to see what’s likely to be affected by your gas discharge. Since most gases are invisible, you need to make them visible to be able to track their progress. Weather can be erratic so where your gas goes can be just as erratic.

So the comment would be “who needs gas?”

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Yes it seems a very human interpretation of what ET’s do.

Erasmus: Erasmus.

The next issue here is that hooking up to a power line to obtain energy sounds like rubbish as well. People I know with an electric vehicle using triple phase power and high-intensity charging, get about 50 km/h of charge.

The theft of electricity seems unusual. It takes a while to recharge an electric car battery. The amount of electric energy available from hijacking a power line , the time it would take to steal it and the fact that someone is bound to notice that some suburb somewhere has been power jacked – would suggest that if electricity is being stolen, it is humans are doing it.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Another explanation is that they are stealing electricity from power lines because they obviously don’t have far to go =- consider that?
Erasmus: Erasmus. Well certainly possible

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Next issue.
Erasmus: Erasmus. Similarly making craft out of pure magnesium is the work of a human idiot. If the magnesium gets exposed oxygen at temperature, is likely the entire craft would burst into flame. Magnesium burns spectacularly with oxygen once ignited. Aluminium would be much safer.

Yes. Can you imagine an alien spaceship entering the atmosphere at speed, developing some friction and heat. Then the entire spaceship spectacularly bursts into flame. Scotch one group of ET explorers. You would almost think these guys had never heard of oxygen if they’re unfamiliar with the reaction of magnesium and oxygen.

We have the same issue already today with cars with substantial magnesium components.

Magnesium Fire in a Car
Magnesium Fire in a Car

Goo: Goo the Numbat. So the impression I have of this whole story is that it is a very human story. The sort of story a human who is dreaming about aliens or imagining aliens would concoct. Not a story that would likely be created by EBEs. It would get the power burglars off the hook with the law, is the focus of this story.



Erasmus: Erasmus. Next issue. Describe the movements of alien spacecraft.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Most ETFOS exhibit a fluttering or leaf type of flight with erratic instantaneous turns and manoeuvres outside the performance envelope of conventional pilots, aeroplanes and even drones. There appear to be no atmospheric compensation effects. The craft are capable of accelerating or decelerating at incredible atmospheric speeds.

Strangely the occupants of ETFO vehicles sometimes respond to light flashes aimed at them from ground sources. I have heard reports that some humans flashing the aliens with a light, and were flashed by a light in return- a sort of tit for tat action. My impression is that it is a friendly response, not an aggressive one. Sort of, just recognising the other person and giving them a wave.

The flashback has been reported to be directed enough that it took a telescope to see it, the flash not being generally visible to the naked eye.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. The human witness would be loathe to tell anyone else about what happened for fear of ridicule anyway.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. One witness reported I know that he personally witnessed a UFO from a very short range. The craft subsequently took off at high speed towards the Gold Coast (Australia). It caused a sonic boom which broke many windows in high-rise buildings on the Gold Coast. This was subsequently reported in the newspapers the next day but it was the RAAF ( the Royal Australian Air Force) which was blamed for the incident. (Flying too low, too fast and too close to the buildings with the resulting sonic boom breaking windows). It is interesting to me because I remember the newspaper articles personally.

Sonic Boom on Breaking the Sound Barrier

Sonic Boom on Breaking the Sound Barrier


One contact was told by the EBEs that the erratic turns were due to a need to avoid radar detection and lock on. He was told that radar guided weapons had previously been responsible for crashes of three of their ships. Another contactee was told that our radar interferes with their navigation systems.

Erasmus: Erasmus. That is more rubbish, if ever I’ve heard it. Radar will return a signal instantly from a single ping. The craft is sighted and sighted instantly. Not every country would seek to lock on missile targeted radar systems on unidentified flying aircraft as a default management action. Perhaps in the US close to military bases, and possibly in similar situations in other overseas countries as well. Flying near an average city airport is unlikely to generate radar missile lock events.

Radar signals work at the speed of light. Once pinged ,the UFO / ETFO craft is detected. Unless they were changing direction every nanosecond, this, it just doesn’t make sense.

Why not just use the gravity to bend the radar signals. This would make the radar machine probably “lock out” the signals as irrelevant reflections or noise.

I think it is far more likely that the ETFOs undertake erratic turns because it is easier to change the direction of feed energy to your gravity engine at 90° direction of energy input (from the side versus from the front or back). It suggests that the gravity engine is a fixed block, with right angled feeds of power signal.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Very interesting. The actions of ETFOs suggest the actual design of the gravity engine.

Erasmus: Erasmus. Also if the ETFOs are able to move as quickly as is witnessed, they would definitely be able to out fly any missile. Mach 4.1 is fast but not that fast. ETFO reports suggest that they are capable of moving much faster than this with an instant acceleration profile and the ability to turn at right angles. In short ETFOs should be able to out fly and outmanoeuvre any missile attempting to intercept them. Unlike the average human military plane.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. The only issue is whether they see it coming. If they do not have active radar detection sensors, they may not realise they have been sighted.

ICBM Launch

ICBM and Cruise Missile Launch
Erasmus: Erasmus. But if they realised they are being targeted and locked on, and take evasive action, by definition they have detected that they are being targeted and locked on. So, they DO have active radar detection sensors.

From Wikepedia:
How fast is the speed of a missile?

All of the intercontinental ballistic missiles in the world's nuclear arsenals are hypersonic, reaching about 15,000 mph (24,140 kph), or about 4 miles (6.4 km) per second at their maximum velocity.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. But ICBMs take a long time to build up to maximum speed. Probable relevant to us is the speed of missile interception systems such as the US Patriot guided surface-to-air missile. Certainly, if you are attempting to intercept UFOs / ETFOs, you need fast mobile missiles.

Launch Vehicle Launch Vehicle

Four Patriot missiles can be fired from the highly mobile  transporter erector launchers. A TEL is a missile vehicle with an integrated prime mover (tractor unit) that can carry, elevate to firing position and launch one or more missiles. Such vehicles exist for both surface-to-air missiles and surface-to-surface missiles.

Patriot Guided Missile

No. built: over 10,000

Standard, ASOJ/SOJC, PAC-2, PAC-2 GEM, GEM/C, GEM/T (or GEM+), PAC-3, PAC-3 MSE, PAAC-4 (SkyCeptor)

Warhead: M248 Composition B HE blast/fragmentation with two layers of pre-formed fragments and Octol 75/25 HE blast/fragmentation

Warhead weight: 200 lb (90 kg)
Detonation mechanism: Proximity fuse

* PAC-1/PAC-2: 850 mm (2 ft 9 in)
* PAC-3: 510 mm (1 ft 8 in)
* PAC-3 MSE: 920 mm (3 ft 0 in)

Propellant : Solid-fuel rocket
Operational range:
* PAC-1: 56 mi (90 km)
* PAC-2: 99 mi (160 km)
* PAC-3: 19 mi (30 km) against ballistic missile
* PAC-3 MSE: 37 mi (60 km)

Flight altitude: 79,500 feet (24,200 m)

Maximum speed:
* PAC-1: Mach 2.8
* PAC-2/PAC-3: Mach 4.1

Launch platform: Mobile trainable 4 or 16 round semi-trailer.

The PAC-3 missile is a new interceptor, featuring a Ka band active radar seeker, employing "hit-to-kill" interception (in contrast to previous interceptors' method of exploding in the vicinity of the target, destroying it with shrapnel), and several other enhancements which dramatically increase its lethality against ballistic missiles.

PAC-3 missile canisters contain four missiles, so that sixteen rounds can be placed on a launcher. The missile canister serves as both the shipping and storage container and the launch tube. Patriot missiles are referred to as "certified rounds" as they leave the factory, and additional maintenance is not necessary on the missile prior to it being launched.

Patriot batteries employ a mix of PAC-3 hit-to-kill active missiles and PAC-2 GEM-T blast fragmentation warhead semi-active missiles to counter both ballistic missile and aircraft threats. While the PAC-2 is able to intercept targets up to an altitude of 20 km (66,000 ft), the PAC-3 can destroy incoming missiles at an altitude of 40 km (130,000 ft).


Goo: Goo the Numbat. UFO flight performance exceeds the operational parameters of a Patriot missile interceptor. In short, you probably cannot use a Patriot to bring down a UFO except if you "surprise"a UFO.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Next Issue. Many of the ETFOS are traveling very high in the atmosphere, beyond the ionosphere and even perhaps in low earth orbit. Radar signals are attenuated by the ionosphere to a variable extent depending on time-of-day and sunspot activity et cetera.

So, they may be too high to hit and undetectable by radar due to their travel within the ionosphere.

Erasmus: Erasmus. . So this just does not make sense. What makes more sense to me is to propose that it is the direction of the drive that creates the direction of travel. ET craft in general seem to have a single engine. It is probably easiest to produce Right angled changes in the energy feed to the engine resulting in right angled changes in propulsion/movement.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. It seems a primitive and dangerous way to structure an engine. A single engine gives very little ability to control lateral forces.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. . Is probably why so many of the alien craft fall out of the sky or crash. You can fly one engine. But is probably safest not to. This type of propulsion may be quite satisfactory in the depths of space where there is nothing to crash into. But if you are manoeuvring within the atmosphere, there may well be times when there is very little safety margin, before you crashed into a mountain As a result of your high-speed right angled direction changes.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Crashes do tell you something else. The aliens make mistakes. And they are mortal as well. And most especially their aircraft are nuts and bolts machines. Despite the advanced nature of their vehicles – accidents do happen. This supports the idea that the craft are in fact vulnerable.
Their craft are not really well designed. Single propulsion nodes with no control surfaces will create an erratic flight pattern, oft perhaps uncontrollable.


Kinkajou:Kinkajou. . The other obvious issue here is that radar is used for targeting. So you only need a passive radar detection system to get warning that missile is headed your way. Note the altitude criteria as well. The missiles have a maximum flight altitude of 24 km (about 30 miles). You don’t have to be exceptionally high to avoid missile shots completely.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Here is another obvious instance of circumstances / actions suggesting design. The risk situation would be very different if you engage in low latitude flight. There may be a genuine fear amidst the aliens of being targeted by missiles perhaps using targeting systems other than radar, (for example visual targeting – or perhaps by an operator or infrared targeting).

It would suggest that the ETFOs do not have active radar navigation or early warning systems. A significant oversight when you are on a strange planet, potentially amidst hostile aliens .

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Perhaps their craft were designed without consideration of such a possibility. If they have to import their vehicles from another planet there could well be a lag of several hundred years between discovering that you are on a strange planet amidst potentially hostile aliens and getting the required modifications made on your Explorer craft.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. You have talked about the aliens having bases on our planet. The ability to add a radar system or to modify an existing vehicle here, suggest a significant lack of local technical expertise – and support systems for their aerial vehicle fleet.

Erasmus: Erasmus. . An excellent point. Again watching them operate suggests the technical specifications of the ETFO vehicles. It also tells a lot about the capabilities of the aliens if they have bases on our planet. It strangely suggests a very limited capacity for technical modification. A quite surprising revelation really.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. It doesn’t make sense to be a long way from home without having engineering and technical support. What were they thinking when they came here?

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. . The earth is covered with radio wave signals. If they are worried about detection especially if they use active radar systems, you would think they would just change to another frequency or to perform modulations of the frequency wave so that their signals can be differentiated from our signals, and undetected by our radar systems.

Long wave radar or very high frequency radar type detection systems would bypass our ability to detect their operation.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Back to our policeman story. I quote:
(A policeman reported an abduction in Nebraska in 1967. After he was captured (having been subjected to a green gas), he was taken inside the ship. One of the aliens communicated to the policeman that they were taking electricity from a nearby power line. The craft was apparently propelled by reversible electromagnetic energy creating inertia less – gravity free flight. The craft was supposedly made from pure magnesium.

The aliens told him they came from the nearby galaxy, but had bases in our solar system including on earth. The policeman felt that these statements as to their origins were not credible.

Erasmus: Erasmus. We have had the impression that much of the story given by this placement is a human story . Do you have any explanations for this report?

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Apparently much of the story was extracted from the policeman through hypnosis.

Hypnosis as an investigative technique has changed somewhat over the years. Initially, leading questions were asked. “That’s what you saw, wasn’t it?” It was called suggestive hypnosis. People being agreeable, are given suggestions as to what answers the investigators would like to hear.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. Obviously not a good method of extracting the truth from a witness.
Kinkajou:Kinkajou. Later as people began to realise that you could get the subject to agree to just about anything, hypnosis became a bit more formalised – medical hypnosis. People were asked to tell and explain their experiences without prompts or suggestions as to what these experiences should be.

Suggestive hypnosis is probably the reason why this science fell into disrepute. The Achilles heel of the use of hypnotic regression techniques is that often the subject will create a story to tell about an experience that they “truly” believe they have had.
Dr Xxxxx: Dr Xxxxx. Paill Spectrum. Definitely! A hypnotised subject seeks to retain a commitment to their belief, so makes up a story to confirm that belief.

Still if people are having faulty recall or just simple human fallibility type” recall” , you can make allowances for that. And if more than one individual is involved or has had the same experience, individual re-calls can be checked against one another.

As we have stated with suggestive hypnosis, is very easy to implant suggestions in subjects undergoing hypnosis especially if untrained therapists are careless in their approach or seek a specific result too directly.

Goo: Goo the Numbat. The unfortunate fact of most abduction encounters is that there is generally no corroborative evidence.

Kinkajou:Kinkajou. And we come to the crux of the problem with many ETFO / EBE / Alien encounters. The Bart Simpson defence rules!.
He didn’t see me do it.
I didn’t say I did it.
You can’t prove I did.

Dr Xxxxx: Dr Xxxxx. Well sort of. The hypnotised subjects do say they did it. But no one else saw them do it and there is no evidence that anything happened.